Monday, 14 November 2016

Red Sky in the Morning......

Hello All,

Well the supermoon is merely a paler smudge in the thick clouds I'm afraid :(

I will keep looking in case we get a glimpse.

There have been a few red morning skies this week....shepherds' warning?

Felt inspired to make a quick pen sketch with a little bit of colour wash.

A bit of artistic license of course.  But even if I only have ten minutes to spare I really

should make an effort......though even I can see that the flat roof isn't flat in my version.

Never mind :/

Cut that bit off !

It's only a sketch.

Bye for now, P.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Fast and Loose......with Inktense

Hello All,

Still working.....but wanted to play a bit with a set of Inktense blocks. They have been

looking at me for a while so time to have a go.

Take a big piece of rough watercolour paper and get scribbling!

Intense it says. Not meant to be a work of art....just to get the feel of it.

Like the way you can leave some of the line marks in the washes of water. The paper is

good and thick so takes a good wetting.

Added a bit of collaged paper ( always bits lying around on my untidy desk).

Oh for more free time!

Thanks for looking in :)  P.