Friday 16 June 2017

Fly High.....

Hello All and Welcome back,

Busy times...

Have been appreciating how lucky I am to have my two beautiful daughters.

And trying to work out how I can spend more time with them.....without getting under

their feet too much!

Very little time for creating art recently.....a bit of couture....

A bit of travel.......

And more planned.

maybe not in a balloon....

Bye for now, P.

Sunday 23 April 2017

White Rabbits.....

Good afternoon and welcome back.

Having just waved off my lovely daughter back to university.....feeling empty.

Every time.

Anyway, perhaps I should try to do some preparation for the acrylic/collage painting

course I will be starting on Wednesday. Mmm...should have got on to this earlier.

After all, I have known about it for weeks!

A bit the White Rabbit

Must have been my subconscious prompting this.

Was actually having a go at parchment grid work. I really rather enjoy the repetitive

pattern snipping.....though it probably annoys anyone else in the room trying to watch TV.

Will now go and listen to a Doctor Who cd and slop a bit of paint around.

Bye for now, P.

Sunday 16 April 2017

Think of an Idea....and Use What You've Got!

Hello All and Happy Easter!

Today I thought I would share a project where I had an idea and then

searched through the Groovi plates in my box for things to fit......

thinking outside the box you might say......

This is made up from all sorts of bits of totally unrelated designs. I like to put my own

marks (literally!) on the products I buy.

Here are the plates I the elements.......

And the Northern Lights background paper makes it glow :)

It looks different framed in blue....

Which do you prefer....?

Bye for now, P.

Monday 10 April 2017

More Parchment (and a random cow).....

Hello All and Welcome,

This parchment thing is becoming a bit of an obsession......and it's all

because it is so accessible.....due to the trolley. Am I in danger of becoming

a real couch potato??

Somehow I just can't get away from 3-D though. I am really not drawn to flat..

it has to either be or look like dimension.

Just to prove that I haven't quite reached the couch potato stage yet, just look

into these beautiful eyes

It was a beautiful morning for walkies :)

Bye for now, P.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

A Smile for a Grey Day.......

Hello All,

When it's a grey day it's good to brighten things up with warm colours and a


How lovely is that?

I am really enjoying experimenting with parchment art at the moment.....probably because

I have found a way of making it accessible and convenient for on the sofa in front of the

TV crafting.... portable Groovi IKEA trolley ;)

Everything is there ready for even the shortest bits of free time, and when I need to make

the place look tidy I can push it out of the way.

Good thinking eh?

Think I might go and do a bit now.....