Sunday, 29 May 2016

Blue Blooms.....

Good evening All,

Busy week doing all sorts of things, some not blogworthy, some for future

blogging on PaperArtsy.

Managed to snatch an hour this afternoon though.....

To play with Infusions, stencils and texture paste, and a few flowers from Heartfelt


Good combination of blue green and terracotta red is a bit different for me. And the

whole thing looks totally different on a green coloured background.

Funny isn't it....

Thank you for calling by, P.

Friday, 20 May 2016

A Tale of Two Hedgehogs.......

Hello All,

On the PaperArtsy blog tonight you will find a doodle-stitched tryptich:

"A Tale of Two Hedgehogs".

It's all to do with stencil, stamp and stitch.....

If you want to know what and how, take a look HERE.

I love a happy ending :)

Bye for now, P.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Little Diversion.....

Hi All,

I'm always willing to dip my toe into new waters and try something

different. If I see something intriguing I sometimes get a couple of

things, just enough to try.

So this is my first try at parchment crafting (one of the very few things I haven't

done before). It's not very good if you look too closely! And I kind of threw everything

at it in one go. I used a couple of Barbara Gray's Groovi plates: they make marking the

parchment much more doable for brand new beginners like me.

It's quite relaxing .....or it will be if I can relax :)

And it's clean, always an advantage in my book.

And not very expensive....yay.

Call back soon, P.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Same But Different......

Good Evening,

Following on from the abstract art on my previous post, I still had

the stamps, dies and Infusions on the desk, so I had another play.

I love how this turned out :). I have to give credit here: I happened upon a blog

with art work that makes me go weak at the knees it's SO beautiful:

I can only aspire to such skill, but it inspired me to try my own style and experiment.

It's all about layering, pretty washes of colour and white space.

I took my colours from the spontaneous background of the Infusions powder, and used

it again to watercolour the flowers.

Think I will be trying more of these........

And I love trying different background mounts, it changes the look of the whole thing.

Bye for now, P.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Gone a Bit Abstract.........

Good evening!

This afternoon I went a bit abstract for a change

I wanted to experiment a bit with shapes and tried not to make it look like anything

in particular. For someone who likes her art more representational , this is really difficult!

I chose colours that I don't use (and don't really like) too: so was right out of my

comfort zone.

And a funny shape.....too long to fit it all in one photograph.

So a bit strange all round really.

It includes Frescos, Infusions and Seth Apter stamps.

Thanks for looking, P.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Dried Fish.....

Hello All,

As promised, here is the second Infusions experiment, now dry.

For this fishy piece, I first stencilled Golden Light Molding Paste onto watercolour

paper (Hot Pressed), then added washes and splatters of colour and water. I really

think it gives a deep underwater impression, and the paste acts as a resist as well

as colour-catching raised texture.

A dramatic effect with surprisingly little effort.

Am now looking for a suitably large cardboard box after yesterdays waft risk assessment.

Back soon, P.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Infusions.....and an Eccles Cake.

Good Evening,

I am pleased to have found a bit of time this afternoon for some experimental art!

But it proved to be a risky business all round......

At the recent papercrafting event at Alexandra Palace, I treated myself to some

Infusions pigment powders by PaperArtsy, gorgeous jewel colours with a hint of

grungy brown.

Well.....I'm really not to be trusted with anything powdery.....and the first challenge was

opening the bottle. Following Leandra's instructions I removed the top, over a piece of paper

(genius) to remove the seal and then made a hole in the top....QUICK GET THE STICKY

TAPE OVER THE HOLE! Phew! I only managed to do four colours before I lost my nerve.

So they were my colour choices for this afternoon :)

There was an incident..... during a momentary lapse in concentration, there was a waft.

It reached the plate, but I think it missed the Eccles cake. I managed to sweep it back

onto the picture, so none wasted. And I ate the cake.

I have to make twenty WHITE Victorian aprons next week so I had better clean up.

May have to create a safe environment for further powdery experiments...maybe a

very large cardboard box?

I started another fishy pic but it's not dry yet so call back later.

Bye for now, P.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Gone Small....

Hello All.....yes it's me....

After passing the milestone of 100 blog posts, it went a bit quiet here I'm afraid.

Not that I was sitting doing nothing of course, just occupied with work and non

blogworthy chores.

A bit of's ballgown season again (not for me obviously).

So with only little bits of time, how about little bits of art?

I do like bright colours, and playing around with different combinations,

but then again sometimes more muted colours

just depends how the mood takes.

I will try to be more attentive to my blog, even if only in little bits.

Bye for now, Penny.