Saturday, 30 August 2014

New product feature on PaperArtsy.......

Hello all,

              on today's PaperArtsy blog you will find three projects I made

using the new stamps designed by Elizabeth Borer. These are quite a departure

form my usual style (if I have one!) but it's good to stretch oneself occasionally.

These stamp sets are intricate and detailed and have a lot of possibilities.

I started with this layered diorama or shadow box

with a Christmassy feel followed by something dangly, which was almost impossible

to photograph because it wouldn't stay still and the dangly bits kept turning the wrong


The third is a wintery canvas in a different colour scheme that turned out really

well. I took a few extra "in progress" photos

Take a look HERE to see what the other designers have come up with. But before you

do...... if you would like to have the canvas or the shadowbox, just leave a comment

below, and this time next week (Sat. 6th September) I will draw two winners out of a hat.

(Three if I can work out how to post the danglies :)  ).

Bye for now,  P.


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Digging deep.......

Hi everyone, welcome.

Now that I have finished my design team assignment I am faced with that terrible

thing.......choice! How many of us when limited creating time is available find

ourselves getting nothing done because the number of ideas in our heads is


That's why the two dogs have smart haircuts and the hallway is newly painted.

For a long time I have been wanting to get back to some actual drawing and painting. I

used to paint a lot many years ago, even managing to sell some of my efforts! The paper

and several kinds of paint are still there, so now is the time. And it fits with the CMC

principal of using what I've got.

But I'm SO out of practice.

And I do strongly believe that anybody can draw if they practice........ there is no right and

wrong in art, but there is correct technique and that can be learned.

So.......lets learn together.

I want to start with the most difficult...... watercolour. Difficult because if you make a

mistake it is virtually impossible to put right. And you have to be patient, build up in layers

and try to avoid "muddy".

Easier said than done, as you will see.

Next problem....... what to paint?  I tell myself first, this will not be a finished masterpiece,

I have to learn the skills again. If it doesn't work, it's only a piece of paper, start again. I

would say though, don't throw it away just put it somewhere out of sight. It will be great

later to look back and see how much (hopefully) I have improved.

I took a book off the shelf, opened a page at random, and started.

A light pencil sketch...... not very good but I've actually made the first step!

I chose a big-ish brush to try and loosen up.

I remembered.....leave the white of the paper.....once it's gone you can't get it back!

Now for the good and the bad.

This is the better bit....... quite pleased.

This part is overworked. I tried to get in too close and lost the clarity :(

Never mind its only an exercise.  So lets try a bit of greenery

At last I've taken the plunge, and I want to do more, and you can just about tell what it is!

Thank you for listening,  P.

Ps.  Its quite scary sharing the learning process......

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Thinking inside the box......

Welcome back. Today sees the finale of my offerings to the PaperArtsy design team

blog. It really has been an interesting experience, requiring much unaccustomed

self discipline! If you get the opportunity do give it a try!

Following on from last night, I made this....

See how HERE.

Now it's back to having to choose what to make without a design brief (much drumming

of fingers on the table and gazing into space :| ).

As sewing is my usual thing I might take that direction for a while.

Monday, 11 August 2014

On A scRoll!

Good evening and welcome to a second PA blog project.

This is another kitchenalia (that IS a word because it's on the Bargain Hunt programme)

inspired creation starting with this

and ending with this

so if you want to see the bit in between look HERE for more.

Back tomorrow,  P.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Quilts Galore!

Good evening!

Many apologies for my (in)conspicuous absence recently. As will become

evident over the next couple of weeks, I have been quite busy preparing a

few projects for my PaperArtsy finale.

I have just (10 mins ago!) returned from a weekend away at the Festival of Quilts

in Birmingham. I went with an empty case........ and brought it back full :( .....   :)

Time to get the sewing machine out methinks.

However, tonight is the first of my final group of projects for the PA blog.

Do take a look HERE to see some more.

Speak again soon. P.