Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A rogue post.....and a spider in the bath

Hello All,

Apologies if any followers received a repeat blog post.......... pressed wrong


I have just been playing in a new sketchbook with black cartridge pages,

using some old stamps and sepia ink to create art doll forms. I liked the

monochrome look of the earlier blue and cream doll so intend to play some


And the spider in the bath.....


Bye for now.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Has anyone seen my muse....?

Welcome back,

Third and last PaperArtsy post for this month..... hope you like it!

Sometimes I find myself sitting at my desk with a rare couple of spare

hours and not an idea in my head! Well actually there are lots of ideas

but they hide in the depths just when I need them and reappear in the

middle of the night, or when I'm at work or have no time at all :/

After a while I realise there is no point just sitting there and I have to go

out and find my muse.

This time I went to the local cheap kitchen shop and allowed myself 3 £1

coins to buy 3 items with "artistic potential". I came back with:

and 27p change.

My challenge is to find a place for each of these in my art. I managed one this


A sneak peak

Look HERE to see more.

See you again soon on CMC.   Bye for now, P.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Royal Ribbons....

Hello again,

You get the idea by now that I like my art in 3-D. Tonight's offering

is no exception. It's easy so have a go! A hint.........

Love those colours! Take a look HERE to see the whole thing and how

to make it.

Back tomorrow for number 3.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Feeling blue.......and cream.

Evening All,

It's tenterhooks time again! Always a mixture of excitement and apprehension

when it comes to sharing my artworks with the world out there. What will people think?

It's my turn this week on the PaperArtsy Blog, starting tonight HERE. Here's a clue...

Not expecting too much response during the World Cup football (yawn!)

but please do feel free to make a comment (about the artwork not the game) if

you feel inspired :)

Back again tomorrow. P.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Beside the Seas-L-ide.

Hello All,

       back from holiday and back to earth :(

Todays project was inspired by a set of wood mounted stamps that have

been hanging around for a while and a bag of random shaped and sized

glass microscope slides. These, together with a nice piece of driftwood,

were put together to produce

Have you ever tried to photograph glass? As a total amateur it is virtually

IMPOSSIBLE! I wandered round the house for over an hour trying to find

the right background, the right light, a place where I didn't get reflections of me,

the i-pad, the windows etc etc. It looks so pretty in real life. To get a better idea

here are a few different views......

I used Fresco Finish acrylic paint for the stamping (a thin application with

a make-up sponge,  too much paint slips and splodges).

Love it.

Just a reminder to watch out on Sunday evening for the first of my next three blogs

for PaperArtsy.........something different again :)

See you then. P.