Monday, 23 February 2015

Doll Days......

Hello and Good Morning,

The last few days I have been doll making........ something that that I have come back

to many times over the years in different ways. This latest cloth doll is in 18th century

style, as part of my costume project.

The cloth face is tightly packed with toy filling making it a good firm surface for

painting with acrylic and a gloss medium, so it sort of looks like painted wood or


I am pleased with the hat...felted and beaten into shape from wool fibres. I hope I

have managed to recreate the style of face without it being quite as scary as some

of the 18thC originals!

Many years ago, I painted porcelain faces

Don't know if people are still doing these?

You have to have (or borrow) the equipment and a kiln, but cloth sculpture is much

more accessible.

Now back to the full sized costumes.

Have a good day, Penny.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

18th Century Style........Pretty Frocks

Good Morning All,

        Much sewing has been happening here! Museum visits these days are so much

more interactive with the emphasis on visitor participation and "living history".

Everyone likes to dress up.

That is my brief for this collection of costumes.......they have to look correct

historically but be easy and fun to dress up in :|.

............and the visitors come in all sizes

Can't wait to see real people wearing them :) They look so much better....

(Photograph courtesy of The Studio Colby).

Ok back to the sewing machine. Best Regards, Penny.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Another PaperArtsy launch...A Cabinet of Curiosities.

Hello Again!

Having a chance to play with some new PA stamps by Darcy led me into

a wonderful and strange world of natural curiosities.......always been

fascinated by things in jars and bottles ( of a natural history variety!).

Many years of lab work and science must have had a lasting effect.....and a constant

inspiration for my art.

So I loved creating these. You can see more over HERE on the PA blog.

There will be more glass slide art coming later.

Back again soon, Best Regards, Penny.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Fabric, paint and new PaperArtsy stamps.

Good Evening!

     Been having a play with some new PaperArtsy products: stamps and lovely

bright paint colours. The houses are from the new Lin Brown Eclectica range

and the paints are a new limited edition set.

Unbleached calico (muslin) is a lovely base to stamp and paint on. It makes a nice

change from paper occasionally.

Two of the mini bag projects are over on the PA blog HERE.

And here are two more.......

One for sewists

and one for non-sewists!

If the flap-over purse takes your is VERY simply made......any size...

Then fold the bottom up to about 1/2 inch from the beginning of the triangle and

stitch up the sides. Fold down the triangle to make the envelope shaped mini bag.

The larger house is stamped directly onto the flap, and the two smaller ones are

made separately on a double layer of fabric and stitched "over the edge".

Have a go......and enter the PA blog challenge.

Bye for now, Penny.