Thursday, 21 April 2016

It Could Have Been Scary......

Good Morning!

Just been for a lovely walk in the SUNSHINE!!!!!

And no muddy paws to wash :)

This is the 12th Century Monks' Bridge at Rushen Abbey here in the Isle of Man.

I was there to deliver monk habits for the museum's living history collection.

It's a good job I didn't see this in the darkness of night

It might have given me a bit of a fright..........

oooooo poetry ! or perhaps not.

Back soon, P.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Not My Usual Style But.....

Hello Blog Friends,

Todays projects are perhaps not my usual style, but when I am given

something to try I am always willing to have a go! It makes life more

interesting, and I love challenges (well artistic ones that is).

This is my first venture into CD image printing with Tattered Lace Charisma dies.

It does appeal to me because of the decoupage layering, and you know I love 3-D.

And little boxes too.

So I had a happy afternoon just playing.

I really want to get my paints out today, but the table is covered in medieval monks

costumes, and I need to make two ballgowns........

Never mind, best get on with it. Bye for now, P.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Behind the Scenes....

Hello All,

This week it has been a choice between doing and blogging.....

The show at Ally Pally last week was great, despite my first real attack

of nerves pre demo for a while! But thanks to all the interested and lovely

chatty visitors to the PaperArtsy stand, I soon managed to pull myself back

together :) so thank you!

Then after a lovely afternoon with number two daughter in Hyde Park, and an

annoyingly delayed flight back, it was back to home and work.

Sometimes, behind the scenes, I am actually making things, but they might be for

future release, take a long time, or just not interesting enough to blog about!

Anyway, today I was experimenting with a new fabric stabiliser called Terial Magic,

and some dies by Tattered Lace.

The Terial Magic is sprayed on the fabric, semi dried, and ironed, giving it a papery

quality so that it is easier to die cut.

Apparently it washes out for sewing projects.....will have to try that out.....lots of


Bye for now, P.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Still Practising the Doodles.......

And getting a bit of a headache :)

But it's all good fun.

Good evening All.

Taken the doodles in a different direction to frame a photograph (or actually a

photocopy). Really like the white on black, but the pens tend to be a bit thicker

so the lines are not so delicate. Looks ok though....

Must keep going ,

Bye for now, P.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Demonstrating at Alexandra Palace!


This weekend I will be doing my first ever demo session at a craft show at Alexandra

Palace in London, on the PaperArtsy stand, on Saturday afternoon.

In between settling in to a new job, and the usual dog walking sessions, I have been trying

to get as much practise in as possible to make it look like I actually know what I am doing!

I will be stencilling, stamping, colouring and most of all doodling to make mini and

stress-free works of art. Totally foolproof (needs to be for me to do it!).

Looks like it's going to be a fun event with lots to see......and probably spend :/

If you can, please drop in to the Zen-Zone for a bit of a doodle.

There are more details on the PA blog.

Better get back to it now.....and fingers crossed for flights and trains.......P.