Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Bag Emergency!......

Good afternoon All,

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

I had a bit of an emergency bag-wise yesterday......Thanks to Flybe. Going on holiday

for us islanders is not as straightforward as it is for you mainlanders. We have the

awkward, hassle-filled and EXPENSIVE problem of getting off the island before we

even start. Flybe has just reduced the cabin bag weight and size allowance again.......

so my bag which has happily gone back and forth many times, is now deemed too big.

If you get to the departure desk and the bag does not fit in the ever decreasing measure

box, it is taken to the hold at a charge of £50.


So yesterday, as none of our existing bags are the right size, I decided to make one..... the given dimensions.  Its amazing what you can do with a bit of furnishing fabric :)

As part of my current "preparing for downsize" drive, I had considered getting rid of my

industrial Janome 1600P sewing machine....but not any more. It was brilliant for this

heavyweight project, and who knows when I might have another bag crisis?

And this bag is so light, it doesn't use up much of the weight allowance :)

So I don't need to take my pants on holiday in a supermarket carrier bag after all.

Lastly, a brief glimpse of the other thing I've been finishing....

Thank you for looking, and have a good week. P.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Scrapbook Page.....something different for me...

Good evening All,

Now that I am doing a bit on the design team for Tattered Lace, I get to play

with a few different ideas. It appears to be Christmas in the crafting world at

the moment! I really can't get my head round it in July.

Managed something with a great deal of effort......but not able to blog that

at the moment. However.....

I also made a scrapbook page, featuring the love of my life of course!

It was sunny and warm outside (for a change) so I chose these sunny Summer

colours and some starry Tattered Lace dies to showcase a real star :)

Managing to tick off quite a few things on my "must finish" list in the last couple of

weeks. Clearing the decks before my holidays.

Back to the list now, back soon, P.

Monday, 11 July 2016

A Brief Paper a Sea of Aprons....

Hello All,

I am pleased to report that all costumes and aprons are now complete!


All delivered and a weekend of clearing up. So what next?

Need to finish an exhibition piece of embroidery by two weeks, but not

able to blog that at present as all will be revealed later. It's for a Chinese Whispers

project......each person takes inspiration only from the previous person's work so the

original idea gets changed each the game we oldies used to play at


I did make time last week for this sample piece with the latest designs from Tattered Lace.

Unfortunately I forgot to photograph the other two :/

Anyway, back to squinting at some very small beads......oh for some miracle spectacles!

Back soon, P.