Sunday, 24 August 2014

Digging deep.......

Hi everyone, welcome.

Now that I have finished my design team assignment I am faced with that terrible

thing.......choice! How many of us when limited creating time is available find

ourselves getting nothing done because the number of ideas in our heads is


That's why the two dogs have smart haircuts and the hallway is newly painted.

For a long time I have been wanting to get back to some actual drawing and painting. I

used to paint a lot many years ago, even managing to sell some of my efforts! The paper

and several kinds of paint are still there, so now is the time. And it fits with the CMC

principal of using what I've got.

But I'm SO out of practice.

And I do strongly believe that anybody can draw if they practice........ there is no right and

wrong in art, but there is correct technique and that can be learned.

So.......lets learn together.

I want to start with the most difficult...... watercolour. Difficult because if you make a

mistake it is virtually impossible to put right. And you have to be patient, build up in layers

and try to avoid "muddy".

Easier said than done, as you will see.

Next problem....... what to paint?  I tell myself first, this will not be a finished masterpiece,

I have to learn the skills again. If it doesn't work, it's only a piece of paper, start again. I

would say though, don't throw it away just put it somewhere out of sight. It will be great

later to look back and see how much (hopefully) I have improved.

I took a book off the shelf, opened a page at random, and started.

A light pencil sketch...... not very good but I've actually made the first step!

I chose a big-ish brush to try and loosen up.

I remembered.....leave the white of the paper.....once it's gone you can't get it back!

Now for the good and the bad.

This is the better bit....... quite pleased.

This part is overworked. I tried to get in too close and lost the clarity :(

Never mind its only an exercise.  So lets try a bit of greenery

At last I've taken the plunge, and I want to do more, and you can just about tell what it is!

Thank you for listening,  P.

Ps.  Its quite scary sharing the learning process......

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  1. it's a wonderful start. I have watercolours but i really have no idea where to start with them, I find them so scary lol


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