Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Bit Like Zentangle.........

Hello All on a lovely sunny day!

My project today is the result of a bit of "wonder if" experimentation. It fits in with the

CMC blog really well.

I own quite a few paper cutting dies......... I think they are really clever, plus there is

something really... pleasing... about them in themselves (weird again!). They are like

little metal works of art :).

I have recently been trying a bit of Zentangle. I like the theory that it is relaxing and

absorbing.....a kind of meditation. In more practical terms, it is compact art and requires

few materials.

I am not very good at Zentangle.....or relaxing!


I decided at the weekend to get out a few dies and just cut them with nothing

particularly in mind, and see what happened.

It looks a bit like Zentangle!

Just black cut outs on white paper and a bit of pen drawing.

It helps to have two beautiful daughters to model when I need them.

I will do more of this, It's very relaxing.

Bye for now, P.


  1. Fab idea Penny and looks good. Jo xx

  2. I'm also into Zentangle, so love your latest work


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