Saturday, 11 October 2014

She MADE me mess it up!

Hello All,

               Still here............

To start at the beginning.      In two weeks I will be attending a set of workshops at

Art From The Heart in Harrogate with mixed media artist Dina Wakely (all the way from

America). I only have to take two things : photographs for inspiration and "my Art Journal".

Mmmmmm...... well I do have one. It's been sitting on the shelf looking beautiful in its

unspoilt, pristine condition for months.

My friend Lyn said that I couldn't take it like that, it would be too embarrassing and not

artistic. So yesterday she MADE me spoil it by spraying and rubbing paint on it with my


These are the results.....

And it went on the cover and other pages

Now, apparently, I have to write things on the pages...... artistically.

I find this very difficult. I am a northern lass (apologies to more artistically able northern

lasses) and am not good at putting down feelings and things.

I did try it once for an exhibition with the Bolton Progressive Threads group entitled

"Memories of Childhood". I printed childhood photos onto fabric and free machined text

in white on white, which from a distance just looked like a pattern but up close revealed

the words.

Well, I found myself sobbing! It was so traumatic!

So I might have to use other peoples' words or song lyrics (happy ones!) or something.

At least I have made the first journalling step (thank you Lyn) and won't be going to the

workshop with a totally blank book.

Best regards, P.


  1. I think you secretly enjoyed getting your hands in paint! Love the photo's on fabric by the way

  2. haha, the look on your face was priceless when you realised you had paint on your cover !! I am glad you enjoyed our little tutorial :) Your pages are fab !


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