Monday, 23 February 2015

Doll Days......

Hello and Good Morning,

The last few days I have been doll making........ something that that I have come back

to many times over the years in different ways. This latest cloth doll is in 18th century

style, as part of my costume project.

The cloth face is tightly packed with toy filling making it a good firm surface for

painting with acrylic and a gloss medium, so it sort of looks like painted wood or


I am pleased with the hat...felted and beaten into shape from wool fibres. I hope I

have managed to recreate the style of face without it being quite as scary as some

of the 18thC originals!

Many years ago, I painted porcelain faces

Don't know if people are still doing these?

You have to have (or borrow) the equipment and a kiln, but cloth sculpture is much

more accessible.

Now back to the full sized costumes.

Have a good day, Penny.

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