Saturday, 13 June 2015

........And Back in the Room!

Well Hello's been a while I know.

Sometimes the motivation wanes a bit, and blogging inspiration is difficult to find.
Practical tasks take over, too mundane to write about. And there's the "when I have
finished this I'll have so much time to do....." Er, no.

So to catch up...

My PaperArtsy project this week involved "Hidden Objects"

Messages in silk and stone. It's an interesting theme and well worth a look at what the
others have come up with so far.

With my practical hat on I made this snazzy waistcoat by request

and then played around with Zentangle stitching to get back into the free-machining

in preparation for a workshop for the Mannin Quilters group in September.
The motivation thing is so much better when you have PURPOSE (and a deadline).

And there's some interesting costume making coming up :)

Back to the the dog a haircut

He didn't want one.

Bye for now, P.

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