Friday, 21 August 2015

Pearls and lace and work in progress....

Good Morning!

                      I really need to make more effort with the blogging. the problem is (now for

the excuses) I often work on projects the take a lot of time to complete, or that are made

in advance for later release, such as the PaperArtsy demo samples.

 What I need to do is perhaps aim to showcase work in progress, or the smaller

"that's too insignificant for blogging" things.

  This is the latest museum costume, based on this portrait of Countess Charlotte

(1599-1664), wife of the Earl of Stanley.

 It will be seen at Castle Rushen in Castletown (Isle of Man) as part of the current

 "History in Heels" season, featuring prominent women in history.

    This next photo is a sneak preview of another  project in progress.........

      I haven't done any goldwork embroidery for ages so this is a real treat!

     Anybody out there into Cosplay? Am thinking of branching out into a bit of fantasy

     costume making, so watch this space.......

                Bye for now, P.

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