Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Victorian Steampunk Meets Halloween!

Hello All,

                If you have been looking at the PaperArtsy blog you will have seen this

 slightly weird corset style belt and the happy Halloween style stamping.

Pity I don't have the waist for it these days!

I promised to post the details of the pattern so that you can make one yourself. It really is

very easy, I just wrapped some paper round my waist to get the shape.

Cut out the pieces (3 plus 3 in reverse). I have placed the pattern on the 1inch squared

background for easy copying. To fit, the long length of each piece should be extended

or reduced to measure half your waist measurement plus half an inch. The two pieces

will be joined at the back with a half inch seam. Obviously the lacing at the front allows

for some expansion!

Sew the quilting lines as shown, and then all round the edge. the raw edges are covered

by the lace edging or can be bias bound.

5 eyelets are inserted on each piece, half an inch in from the front edge.

Am happy to answer any questions if I have missed something :)

And you don't have to sew.....

Bye for now, Penny.

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