Sunday, 21 February 2016

The First Poetry Pages......

Hello All,

Today I made my first altered book "Poetry Pages".

This is how it started: as I said in my earlier post, I plan to take my

inspiration from the words on the page....... to avoid that "I really want to paint

something, but WHAT?" problem. I painted gesso to strengthen and seal the paper

but just left the word bits that I wanted.

"A Griffin, wheeling here and there about,
 Kept reconnoitring us...."

Stencilled wings and drew a griffin, and added texture paste.

"Beheld afar off, in the hooded shade
Of darkness, a great mountain (strange to speak)
Spitting, from forth it's sulphur-baken peak..."

This side collage, stencil and texture paste.

And lots of acrylic washes and runs.

I like this poetry thing. It's funny when you see things in a photograph, think I

need some bright yellow in the bottom right hand corner for balance?????

Maybe tomorrow.

Bye for now, Penny.

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