Wednesday, 19 February 2014

It begins.......

Hi there.

        This blog is actually for me. It will be a diary of a creative challenge that I have set for myself, but the idea behind it might ring true with many others out there! I hope it will provide both motivation and inspiration and you are very welcome to follow along.

         The challenge:   I have been creating art in a multitude of forms ( "Jack of all trades" you might say) all my life, and during that time I have accumulated a large and varied "stash" of sewing, crafting and art materials. Interests change, I have clear-outs, I try to be more selective in what I buy. My blog challenge is to choose from what I already have.....and create something with it........
                                                  " Cutting my coat to suit my cloth"

          I am a technological dinosaur. I come late to blogging. I hope this blog will develop and improve as the challenge progresses (another challenge in itself). Posts should appear in some form every one or two weeks, depending on the project. We will see........

           It might be costume, altered art, quilting, mixed media, felting, painting and drawing, as the muse takes. I can't promise not to use a new irresistible purchase occasionally!

           It begins.

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