Saturday, 1 March 2014

Procrastination....... the thief of time!

               Blog week 2. What to do? The choice of project is overwhelming.

               Paint the front room.

               No more procrastination! ( such a good word :) )

               Why not begin by finding a U.F.O.* and making it a W.I.P.*

               One of my interests is making costume for amateur drama, living history,

               or just to wear.

Photography by The Studio Colby.

              At the bottom of a drawer I found the beginnings of

               18th century stays (boned bodice) that had been waiting (for ages) to

               be decorated and constructed.

               Think fabric paint for this. Birds maybe............?


                So far so good.

                Will update with the finished bodice soon as!

                * U.F.O.     Unfinished object.
                * W.I.P.      Work in progress.

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