Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Not resting on my laurels!

Hello All,

Well after the excitement of my first design team blogs (many thanks for all

kind comments) I now have to deal with the horror of deadlines...aaarrrrghhh.

Time just flies!

But today I thought I would take some time for a small CMC project.

So here is......Steam Punk Rock (get it?)

When I make things I tend to just start with an idea in my head, without much

planning, and see what grows. Confession....when doing my City and Guilds course

I always made the final product first and did the sketchbook work afterwards.

This rock started like this

with some black gesso. I applied stencilled tissue paper using gloss gel medium

and toned it down a bit with a rub of Treasure Gold

very good.

Then I covered it all up!

Ah well........

All the stamps are from PaperArtsy.

Bye for now..back to the deadlines.


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