Thursday, 8 May 2014

but what's it for.........

Hi there (looking shameful),

Apologies for long absence. Where does time go?

I have not been totally idle, just had a few practical dressmaking jobs to do and a bit of travelling.

Now back on track and ready for the next "Cutting my Coat" project.

First a quick word about choosing which direction to go. As a Jack-of-all-trades with a very low boredom threshold, I tend to flit about between mediums, following my muse (when I am lucky enough to have one!). The people I admire most are those who absolutely know where they are going and just DO IT.

Quote Mum:   "That's nice..........but what's it for?"
Me:                 "It's not just IS"

But still most things I do have a "FOR".

Today I randomly picked out two things to start with

The box I picked up in the charity shop as a possible altering project. The stamps are Dylusions
from Art From the Heart.
Hopefully this will develop over the next few days.............

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