Thursday, 10 July 2014

Beside the Seas-L-ide.

Hello All,

       back from holiday and back to earth :(

Todays project was inspired by a set of wood mounted stamps that have

been hanging around for a while and a bag of random shaped and sized

glass microscope slides. These, together with a nice piece of driftwood,

were put together to produce

Have you ever tried to photograph glass? As a total amateur it is virtually

IMPOSSIBLE! I wandered round the house for over an hour trying to find

the right background, the right light, a place where I didn't get reflections of me,

the i-pad, the windows etc etc. It looks so pretty in real life. To get a better idea

here are a few different views......

I used Fresco Finish acrylic paint for the stamping (a thin application with

a make-up sponge,  too much paint slips and splodges).

Love it.

Just a reminder to watch out on Sunday evening for the first of my next three blogs

for PaperArtsy.........something different again :)

See you then. P.


  1. ooh this is different - how lovely and beachy :) the blue background has captured it perfectly.

  2. This really caught my eye over on the PaperArtsy Sunday intro. How different and brilliant stamping with the paints. I just can't seem to get the hang of that, lol! Either too much paint or not enough ;)

    Lesley Xx


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