Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Has anyone seen my muse....?

Welcome back,

Third and last PaperArtsy post for this month..... hope you like it!

Sometimes I find myself sitting at my desk with a rare couple of spare

hours and not an idea in my head! Well actually there are lots of ideas

but they hide in the depths just when I need them and reappear in the

middle of the night, or when I'm at work or have no time at all :/

After a while I realise there is no point just sitting there and I have to go

out and find my muse.

This time I went to the local cheap kitchen shop and allowed myself 3 £1

coins to buy 3 items with "artistic potential". I came back with:

and 27p change.

My challenge is to find a place for each of these in my art. I managed one this


A sneak peak

Look HERE to see more.

See you again soon on CMC.   Bye for now, P.

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