Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Same But Different......

Good Evening,

Following on from the abstract art on my previous post, I still had

the stamps, dies and Infusions on the desk, so I had another play.

I love how this turned out :). I have to give credit here: I happened upon a blog

with art work that makes me go weak at the knees it's SO beautiful:  art-dorota.blogspot.com.

I can only aspire to such skill, but it inspired me to try my own style and experiment.

It's all about layering, pretty washes of colour and white space.

I took my colours from the spontaneous background of the Infusions powder, and used

it again to watercolour the flowers.

Think I will be trying more of these........

And I love trying different background mounts, it changes the look of the whole thing.

Bye for now, P.


  1. This is so beautiful Penny, love the soft neutrals...definitely inspired, and yes I'm a fine of her work too! Ruth xx

  2. Gorgeous composition Penny! White space frightens me! This is so beautiful, it wouldn't look as good with more colour. I need to go and have a look at where your inspiration comes from and maybe I'll not be so scared of white space in the future!


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