Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Infusions.....and an Eccles Cake.

Good Evening,

I am pleased to have found a bit of time this afternoon for some experimental art!

But it proved to be a risky business all round......

At the recent papercrafting event at Alexandra Palace, I treated myself to some

Infusions pigment powders by PaperArtsy, gorgeous jewel colours with a hint of

grungy brown.

Well.....I'm really not to be trusted with anything powdery.....and the first challenge was

opening the bottle. Following Leandra's instructions I removed the top, over a piece of paper

(genius) to remove the seal and then made a hole in the top....QUICK GET THE STICKY

TAPE OVER THE HOLE! Phew! I only managed to do four colours before I lost my nerve.

So they were my colour choices for this afternoon :)

There was an incident..... during a momentary lapse in concentration, there was a waft.

It reached the plate, but I think it missed the Eccles cake. I managed to sweep it back

onto the picture, so none wasted. And I ate the cake.

I have to make twenty WHITE Victorian aprons next week so I had better clean up.

May have to create a safe environment for further powdery experiments...maybe a

very large cardboard box?

I started another fishy pic but it's not dry yet so call back later.

Bye for now, P.

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