Saturday, 4 June 2016

I Think I'll Frame This One........

Good evening All,

It's been wall to wall sunshine this week (in fact nearly two weeks), so any time not

at official work has been spent outside. Plus we are in the middle of the TT racing

festival, the two weeks of the year when the island is lively!

But yesterday afternoon I needed to cool down a bit so I made this....

I am slowly learning how to "drive" the Infusions powders, so that they sort of do what

I want but still have that uncontrollable element of surprise. You never get the same result


I love the textures that appear

And the romantic effects

So I think I'll frame this one :)

Back to the sunshine now, come back soon, P.


  1. Penny, this is simply beautiful!! Great results with the infusions and I love the flowers. Bet it looks fantastic on the wall.

    1. Thank you Helen. I like flower making at the moment!

  2. This is utterly stunning! The girl is beautiful and the grey with pink are one of my favourite combinations! Definitely need to frame that wow creation!


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