Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Where Am I ?

Good Evening.......well yes I'm still here.....

I have been up to my eyes in sewing just recently. Sandwiched in between

working and dog walking.

A bit of 1950's glamour.....or my copy anyway......for a university May Ball.

Then some pre Saxon dress-up costumes for the museum education boxes.

And now in the middle of a set of Victorian pinafores also for the museum. MANY

pin tucks, yards of broderie anglaise trimming (unfortunately I have run out and need

to find some more super quick!) and then there will be sixty buttonholes to sew :(

So anything painty arty has been sidelined again

But don't worry I will get back to it soon.....hopefully.

For now, back to the sewing machine, P.

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  1. Love the gown. You have definitely been a busy lady


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