Monday, 29 August 2016

A Mouldy Morning......

Hello All on this sunny bank holiday,

Just as well it's sunny as sunshine is particularly good (or rather bad) for mould...

apparently.....and this morning I discovered mould in my cabinet. It's my grandmother's

cabinet (or was) and in it I keep curiosities....and now mould.

Probably a combination of too much damp weather, central heating and double glazing.

Not enough drafts?

So now everything has been cleaned and is basking in the sunshine.

On the positive side.....I have been able to look again at my treasures after ages of neglect.

All small things, and possible inspiration for "Something Small for September" :)

If only they could talk.

Should get quite a few mini arts out of these.

S.S.S. Starts on Thursday. See you then, P.

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