Monday, 22 August 2016

Something Small for September.......

Hello All,

For the last few days it's been a bit like this

cloud, rain and dark. But it's cheering up a bit now :)

Still have to go for walkies though, morning and afternoon regardless. I do a lot of thinking

while we to get rich quick (unfortunately not found that one yet), ideas for art

projects (don't always remember them when I get home), and snapping the odd photograph

on my phone.

Mmmmm.......seem to have gone from glorious technicolor to monochrome.......

I try at some point each walk to find a bit of mindfulness and get rid of the mithering

thoughts. Here I was watching (and listening to) the raindrops :)

Most things lately have been large artistics......taking a lot of time.....which is fine but

I have decided to go small for September. Daily blogging something small, an excuse

to try out a few things without trying to change the world.

For the next week I will be noting down the ideas so I won't forget.

Hope you can join me for my blogathon.

Bye for now, P.

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