Thursday, 1 December 2016

R is for Robin......

Hello All, welcome back.

As it is the first day of December I suppose I will have to admit that Christmas is

indeed approaching. In that spirit I have decided to blog a few ideas over the next

few weeks that will bring a bit of sparkle to the proceedings.

I have glitter. It sits in a box unloved and untouched. I occasionally look at the

sparkly pots and pretty.....and put them back.

Ok then, here is the theme for a few projects... to get the glitter out of the box :)

This itself brings a few problems.....have you ever tried to photograph sparkle?

These Christmas robins were created with Tattered Lace dies and glitter card, but

I will be getting out the real sneeze-and-blow-it-away, glitter everything in sight

glitter powder (probably now remember why it has stayed in the pot).

Won't be posting every day (still working) but check back here occasionally and I will

do my best!

Bye for now, P.

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