Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Singing Ringing Tree

             Hi there, welcome back!
                      Very much enjoyed the paper fun this week and pleased with the result :).

            A few weeks ago whilst randomly browsing in a shop I spotted a glass cake stand.

            The lady at the counter asked if I make a lot of cakes............ much laughter :). I

            have given up trying to explain these days that rarely do I buy anything for its

            actual purpose. It's easier just to nod and smile and scuttle home inspired.

            I think my brain works in 3-d. I like to take a flat piece of paper or fabric and build

            something. As it grew, the "Singing Ringing Tree" came into my head..........a

            creepy fairy tale that people of a certain age like me will remember seeing on

            black and white TV. Not creeped by this though.

              The papers are mostly from Graphic45 Secret Garden collection, die cut and

              added to a pre cut tree shape and base (painted with Fresco paints), and

              trimmed with braids and Prima roses.

              Unfortunately the tree grew too tall for the glass cake stand cover.......but never


                            And now........

                                                            BIG BROTHER

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