Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Print it. Paint it.

              Hello again folks.

                              First a confession......... Had a lovely trip to the NEC in Birmingham

              last week to the Sewing For Pleasure and Hobbycraft show. Plenty of inspiration

              and just a little bit of retail therapy. The odd thing might appear in my creations in

              the next few weeks.

              In the mean time...... fabric decoration. An excellent way to produce a design on

              fabric is screen printing. I have always been put off in the past by the mess (not

              a dirty hands person to be honest!) but then I saw a demonstration of printing

              using screens produced by the Thermofax process. It is so controllable,

              economical and easily done on the kitchen table. I love the possibilities for

              drawing and printing my own designs.

              It starts with a line drawing. Small infilled areas are ok but too much blocked out

              does not really work well. This is then burned onto a mesh and hey presto.

                 Screen printing fabric ink is then squeegeed through the mesh onto the fabric

                making a clean sharp printed image which, when dry and iron fixed can be

                coloured in with fabric paint.

                Silk is my favourite, closely followed by linen and cotton. I love to work with

                natural fabrics. So here are some examples..........


              And on a smaller scale, purses...........

                These things can be addictive!  Maybe it's time to start an ETSY shop?

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