Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Getting a Feel for the Paint....

Hello again,

There are so many more types of paint and mediums these days.....mainly's like starting again from the beginning.

I'm not good at slopping paint, and my main painting experience was with

watercolour. It's difficult, you can't cover mistakes, but if you get it right it's


However, I LOVE texture, and acrylic has so many possibilities for this. So

I must start to experiment, loosen up, and feel the paint.

I will be out tomorrow, looking for anything that I can use to push the paint

around and create texture.

I gessoed several illustration boards today (without any incidents!) in preparation

for some serious experimentation :)

Any tips?

Bye for now, P.


  1. definitely playing with different ways of pushing paint around would be up there in my top tips. it gives you an idea of how the paint reacts as well as creating unknown effects and it detaches you a little bit from the outcome - you're playing, you don't know what the tool will do so you aren't invested in making it look perfect. tools i like to use include gift cards or old credit cards, old knives, baby wipes, bubble wrap, fingers.. lay paper on top of your wet painted surface, press it down and pull it up, you'll get a different texture each time with no control!

  2. I actually like this very much, even if you are experimenting, the finished product wouldn't look out of place in a gallery, I love the colours and the moodiness it evokes - can I have it Lol !!


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