Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year, New Challenges!

                                                             Best Wishes to All!

I don't make resolutions......despite my best efforts I soon fall by the wayside. I

do however have a few "intentions" this year that I will try hard to keep up.

One of these is to do a few of those creative things that have been waiting for

"one day" and "when I have time". I used to paint, both for pleasure and to earn a few

extra pennies, but lately the costume and textiles have taken up most of my time.

This year I intend to get back to the paint.

I have signed up for two online art courses, one short and one year-long. I have plenty

of art materials and now they WILL be used.

My second "intention" is to blog more. I started this blog to help with my motivation.

I didn't expect to get many viewers, but a few of you seem to call in for a look, and I

hope find inspiration here. It is lovely to share :)  So I am starting with a January

blogfest.....a blog a day for the whole month. It might be something as simple as a

card or photo or work in progress, or something more substantial. Watch this space!

It's been a bit rough for a lot of people this last few weeks weatherwise, here too. I am

glad I have my creativity.

Bye for now.......P.


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