Saturday, 9 January 2016

Texture and Colour.....the experiments.

Hello All,

Today, as promised, I took some time to experiment with paint.

I have little experience with acrylics in actual painting, yes I have

used them many times for crafting projects.

I created texture with matt medium and various random tools...

I really haven't got it yet..... but the point is to learn how to do something different.

And I really wasn't blessed with patience. If you don't let things dry properly in

between stages, the texture medium lifts, and you get muddy colours, at least I

learned that much!

Remember the textured canvas from yesterday?

I like this a bit better, the semi transparent layers are less muddy.....Golden High

Flow Acrylics.... not used them before but will continue to do so.

Turning up some curtains tomorrow.... must avoid paint :/

Have a good evening.... P.

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  1. I like the texture and colour of the top one, reminds me of autumn


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