Thursday, 24 March 2016

Simple Die Cut Applique......

Hello All,

Some projects take a little bit longer than others.....usually the sewing

ones. I use die cutting for paper projects ( I like the delicacy of paper

cuts) but I have been trying out a few cutting dies with fabric for a

bit of a change.

This time I used a few Tattered Lace fabric dies, firstly for this really simple

mini cushion (it's only about 4 ins square). Felt is great, it does not fray and it cuts

well. Such pretty colours too!

The second is this really simple bonded applique cushion, with easy straight machine


Just thought I would mention a "top tip" here: if you want to stitch a particular

shape and don't want to risk drawing on your fabric, cut the shape out in freezer

paper (I die cut this circle too!), iron it on and use it as a template to stitch round.

Then you can peel it off and not have to worry about any marks :)

Simple but it works.

Back on Saturday with a rather crazy PaperArtsy project.....

Bye for now, P.

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  1. Love the sewing projects, great colour conbinations


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