Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Trying to Loosen Up with Dry Brushing.....

Hello All,

One of the reasons I signed up for the wonderful year-long class with Carla Sonheim

was to force myself to try different ways of painting......out of my usual comfort zone.

I won't necessarily like all of it, but you never know, I might discover something new

in the process.

My mini still life......try as I do it still comes out representational! Just HAD to put in

the drawn lines. But maybe it's a bit more free than usual.

I'm not giving anything away when I say that Carla is famous for her "find something

in a blot" sort of technique (it's not called that officially!). So I really had to hold myself

back in this puppy painting. Love the colours, and his one ear up.

"Just for fun" painting......I like it.

Bye for now, P.

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