Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Perils of Journaling.....

Hello All,

I signed up for the Wanderlust course this year. I suppose it is primarily

about journaling........though many of the topics are certainly multi-purpose.

I must say it has been good value for money so far, and it is always good to

stretch yourself and try things that you might not normally enjoy.

Some time ago, I joined in with a textile project "Memories of Childhood". I

discovered then that journaling can be disturbing!

So when I saw the prompt for this week, I might have known:

                                                          "What I see in the mirror"?

Okay.....so that was the first word that came to mind. I don't like to look in

the mirror much these days really....but it's not a problem.

Anyway, I just didn't like the resulting page, but at least I tried.

I thought it looked too messy and over-worked, so decided to rub it a bit with

the modern favourite art tool: a baby wipe.

It's spooky......I disappeared completely but the words remain (X-Files music in

the background).

I like this better now, but am even more disturbed than before!

Hopefully the next prompt will be more cheerful :)

Happy journaling folks.  P.


  1. Ohh Penny that is a bit spooky, you could always add another layer back over it, though I often feel pages determine themselves and how they turn out is how they were meant to me.
    Remember its more about the process than the end product. As long as you are doing them and creating it doesn't matter how they end up.

  2. I like it, the baby wiped minimalism really reflects the nobody word and the fact that we don't really see nobody, that we aren't invisible even if we think we are or want to be. Very deep and meaningful, but beautiful. Jo


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