Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Dark Winter "Can't be Bothereds"......

Hello All and welcome!

I must begin by apologising for the long absence......a combination of two failed house

sales, continued daily employment at the hospital, and a severe case of the dark winter

"can't be bothereds"!

It's the lack of daylight.'s getting better! The daylight is getting longer, and I start to feel able to

move the dog off my knee (such a good hot water bottle substitute) and ease my way

back into creating with a few small projects.

Still things I can do on a tray in a warm room ......but it's a start.

Parchment art is something I'm trying to master, I really admire some of the really good

parchment artists out there, who have far more patience then I have. The Groovi Plate

system from Clarity Stamps has given me the courage to have a go. I just need a good

daylight lamp to fix to my tray to help the old eyesight!

Another armchair project that I seem to return to when I need comfort in times of stress,

or just tiredness, is hexagon patchwork.....

Easy, pretty and relaxingly repetitive :)

And I have a cutting die so I no longer have to draw out the hexagons.....yay!

So watch this poor neglected blog is back on the road.

Bye for now, P.

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